Employee Involvement in Personal and Household Service Sector (2016-2018)

The ElforPHS aimed to enable company-level social partners and actors in PHS to familiarise themselves with EU laws and policies in the area of information, consultation and participation (ICP) on employees’ rights, as well as to support them in exercising their ICP rights and duties in this regard, thus strengthening transnational co-operation between workers’ and employers’ representatives as regards employee involvement.  

In particular the research part focused on: 

  • Information, consultation and participation (ICP) on workers’ rights in the Personal and Household Services (PHS) sector at national and European levels; 
  • Analysis of successful PHS business models/governance approaches in Europe and collection of best practices; 
  • Analysis of workers’ ICP rights and the benchmarking of cooperative and non-cooperative models. 

Read the research study: The Employee Involvement in Personal and Household Services Industry

ElforPHS was co-financed by DG EMPL under budget line 03 (VP/2016/003).