Empower Youth Organisations through Social Entrepreneurship in Tourism (2021-2023)

The project aims to empower youth workers to enhance the spirit of social entrepreneurship among young people in the tourism value chain.​

Goal is also to change the perception towards young people with disabilities, and people with disabilities in general, who are instead seen, thanks to the project, as young people who are actually able to play a leading role in the context of tourism and social entrepreneurship.

General objective:

  • Empowering youth organizations making them able to contribute to young people and young people with disabilities
    social inclusion and fast track integration into the labour market.

Specific objectives:

  • to enhance the suitable environment to raise the capacity of organizations working with young people with/without
    disabilities outside formal learning to support fast track integration of young people into the labour market, making them
    able to be social entrepreneurs in the tourism value chain
  • to foster the development of youth work, improving its quality providing innovative methods, tools and material
    to support the empowerment of youth workers making them able to support young people in being social entrepreneurs
    in the tourism value chain
  • to enhance cooperation across EU and WB countries, through joint initiatives promoting youth employability and
    the awareness of the importance of the creation of useful and proper tools to foster the social and labour inclusion of
    young people without and with disabilities exploiting social entrepreneurship in the tourism value chain.

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Partners are in Spain, Italy, Belgium, Kosovo, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro.