Information, consultation and participation rights as a factor of success for the business transfer to employees in SMEs (2019-2021)

The In4BTE project aimed to find and analyse real cases where rights to information, consultation and participation as well as transparency principles played a significant role in company succession processes and corporate restructuring that result into a successful business transfer to employees and improved company level social dialogue.   

Since only a few countries have developed tools in this field, the project also aimed to disseminate the identified best practices and transfer the know-how towards countries with less experience and still not familiar with these instruments but could widely benefit from it. Participating countries: Spain, Bulgaria, Italy, Germany and North Macedonia. 

Target groups: 

  • workers (of SMEs, social economy enterprises) 
  • trade unions 
  • organisations representing Social Economy 
  • organisations representing companies (mainly SMEs) 
  • policy decision makers at European level 
  • researchers and academics engaged in the field of industrial relations at European level 
  • other stakeholders at national and European level 

Read the final report here. 

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This project has received financial support from the European Union. In4BTE – Grant agreement no. VS/2019/0044.