Maximising Migrants’ Contribution to Society (2019-2021)

MAX is an AMIF funded project which aim is to change public attitudes towards migrants. The goal is to improve the public image of migrants in Europe by changing the narrative around the immigration discourse and putting on the front the stories of real people. Storytelling, creation of positive messages for the media and dialogic encounters between locals and newcomers were the key figures of the project.  

Main outputs of the MAX project: 

  • Research reports on the impact of migrant populations in Europe (social, economic and cultural) and the opinions, fears and prejudices regarding migrants in Europe; 
  • Collection of success stories’ in an online interactive map about outstanding achievements and contributions to European society, economy and culture done by migrants; 
  • a set of 20 messages aiming to improve the public image of migrants in Europe; 
  • the organisation of 15 Diversity Dialogue Fora  
  • a Diversity Film Festival to showcase films tackling the topic of integration in Europe 
  • final event in Brussels composed of a conference and a cultural evening 
  • the delivery of stories, messages  and dissemination campaigns through the project’s website, social media and press.

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The MAX project was is co-funded by the European Union’s Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF-2017-AG-INTE821672).