The NewTalents4EU project aimed to demonstrate that refugees workforce should be considered as a valuable resource of the European labour market in order to strengthen the European economy.  

The project proposed to empower all refugees to program their future, making integration work now and more durable. Market-focused and validated training schemes in coding/programming skills and enterprises networking will be implemented. The objective of the NewTalents4EU project was to design and pilot an innovative path for labour integration of refugees, based on a specific IT skill development programme and cooperation and mobilisation of public services, employers and social and economic partners, to raise the employment rate quickly and effectively and to ensure long-term employability, across different cities and regions in 4 European countries (Italy, UK, Hungary, France).  


  • Collecting previous country-based experiences regarding IT training for refugees 
  • Building a standard IT training scheme for refugees 
  • Piloting the validated schemes in 4 European countries 
  • Evaluating the different pilots 
  • Capitalising results to set-up a shared business model for future replication 

A replication plan was also developed. It brings the reader through the explanation of the NT4EU model, the development, the implementation, the results of the four national pilot trainings, and on how and in which fields we propose to replicate this model. The document ends with a series of recommendations to who wishes to replicate the NT4EU training model.  

Download the Replication Plan here.

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NewTalents4Eu project is supported by the EU’s AMIF Action Grant (AMIF-2017-AG-INTE 821745)