Promoting employers’ social services in social dialogue (2017-2019)

PESSIS+ aimed to strengthen the capacity of the Federation of European Social Employers, in view of their participation in European Social Dialogue structures. The project’s main activities included national events in ten EU Member States to engage with relevant national employers, discussions with trade union organisations with a view to setting up the right structures, and research on the state of play of social dialogue structures in social services in the 28 EU Member States.   

The project was financed by DG Employment within the budget supporting Social Dialogue. It was coordinated by EASPD with the participation of national and European employers and trade unions. 


  • A better understanding of Social Dialogues around Europe:  By the end of the project, project’s partners had a perspective from 25 EU countries. 
  • To get to know better the work force in Europe and try to find together with EPSU solutions to face the main challenges. 
  • To reinforce the Social Dialogue at both National and European level. 

Diesis’s role was to organise meetings in three countries (Italy, Poland and Slovenia) to present and raise interest in European social dialogue and EU policies involving the major national stakeholders. 

In April 2018, a website for the Federation of European Social Employers was launched ( The website provides information about the Federation, its constitution, objectives and other relevant information. It also contains information about the PESSIS+ projects, and previous PESSIS projects, as well as key documents produced. 

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Co-funded by the Support for Social dialogue Programme of the European Union