About SEDLEX:  

Corporate sustainability has become an increasingly important issue for companies in all EU member states and candidate countries as they seek to balance economic results with social and environmental responsibility. The hypothesis behind the SEDLEX project is that the social economy organisations are already one step ahead in trying to balance economic and social (+ environmental and democratic governance) dimensions of their activities. Moreover, and as stated in the European Commission proposal on strengthening social dialogue in the European Union (January 2023), social dialogue is a key driver for economic and social resilience, competitiveness, fairness and sustainable growth. The research activities of the SEDLEX project then examines how social economy organisations use social dialogue in the management of their value driven business models.  

The target countries are:

  • France,
  • Germany,
  • Italy,
  • Netherlands,
  • Spain.  


SEDLEX research is primarily but not exclusively focusing on three sectors: financial services, wholesale and retail trade as well as agriculture and food industries in these countries.  

The main outputs of the research activities of the SEDLEX project will be five country background studies, 15 case studies and a comparative final research report including best practices.  

Beside the research activities, the project events and peer-learning activities also provide opportunities for best practices and processes exchange amongst large mainstream and social economy organizations including various institutions, actors and stakeholders.  

Not only the continuous dissemination activities on social media but also events, such as the launch event and a final conference ensure the wide dissemination of the project aims and outcomes. The project and its partners are committed to the principles enshrined in the European Pillar of Social Rights (EPSR) and to contribute to the Pillar’s implementation.  



Associated partners: 

 Duration: 24 months (01.11.2023-31.10.2025) 

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