SEE Change

The Social Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Change project (2020-2023)

The Social Entrepreneurship Ecosystem (SEE) Change project, also called SEE Change, aims to contribute to the improvement of the social economy in the Bekaa region, in the north of the country and the Mount Lebanon region, through a systematic approach in support of social enterprise ecosystem (SE).
The project aims to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of community members and social enterprises in responding to the social and economic situation of the Bekaa, the northern area of ​​the country and Mount Lebanon. This goal will be achieved by allowing active members of the community (Lebanese, Palestinian and Syrian men and women) to take an active role in identifying, implementing and monitoring the social impact of existing and innovative social start-up models.
To further support Social Enterprises to increase their local impact, both in terms of social and economic stability, the project will support social entrepreneurship support organizations (SESO) in providing accessible, coordinated and quality services.
A system entirely dedicated to Social Enterprises will be established, for the development of tailor-made skills and the transfer of skills between local and international SESOs. Furthermore, the project will integrate the support provided to communities, Social Enterprises and SESOs with efforts to influence the existing political scenario, supporting the legal and institutional framework for social entrepreneurship in Lebanon and continuing with the advocacy actions already started in previous projects.
The SEE-Change project is funded by the Madad Fund of the European Union and is implemented in collaboration between Oxfam, Beyond Consulting Group and COSV
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