Social economy Enterprises addressing Digitalisation, Industrial relations and the European Pillar of Social Rights (2019-2021)


SEEDING aimed to be the first project addressing Social Economy Enterprises and digital transformations, exploring how social economy enterprises and their employers’ organisations dealing with the impact on employment and working conditions. 

The issue of digitalisation is crucial for social economy enterprises, because the changes it implies offer both challenges such as job losses due to automatization and opportunities. Indeed, new digital technologies enable quicker exchanges of best practices and offer tools to support the values of the social economy through new collaborative, short-circuit and circular economic models, on which social economy actors could have a defining influence if they rise to the task. 

The objective of the project was to help understanding how social economy can contribute to: 

  • providing a perspective on the impact of digitalisation on employment and industrial relations; 
  • exploiting the potential benefits of digitalisation of production while preventing or managing its negative impacts on employment and working conditions; 
  • implementing principles enshrined in the European Pillar of Social Rights, especially in terms of job security and adaptability, fair wages and fair working conditions. 

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Seeding project has received funding from DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion, European Commission (Grant Agreement No. VS/2019/0073.)