A new model within responsible tourism (2015-2017)

The SENINTER project has defined a new tourism product adapted to seniors travelling with their grandchildren during the low and medium season in Europe. Partner organisations from Slovenia, Italy, Belgium and Spain have collaborated in the creation of a slow and sustainable tourist model and open a new path from conventional to responsible tourism.  

The SENINTER model is based on the discovery of local heritage and culture, and on meetings with the local community in the country, region, and area visited – especially with other seniors and their grandchildren. The seniors of the host country are involved in the activities of the tourism product at specific moments, promoting the intangible heritage and local culture. Tour operators and public authorities may still join the SENINTER network to transfer the model to other cities and countries. 

Download the SENINTER Touristic Model

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Funded by the COSME Programme of the European Union (699497).