Set The Tone


The Set The Tone project aims to impact on Social Economy Enterprises employers and employees’ mind-set and daily behaviors practiced at the workplaces towards gender stereotypes, sexual harassment, including cyber-harassment, through their active engagement as positive key players in preventing and reporting sexual harassment cases. 

The Set The Tone activities aim to target both possible victims and perpetrators at workplace making them aware about the impact of their actions as well as the rights to be defended. Business owners and managers should create a workplace culture where harassment of any kind is not tolerated. 


  • Understand workers knowledge and perception of GBV 
  • Encourage exchange of experiences and competences among enterprises 
  • Train managers to counter prejudices and norms that condone sexual harassment 
  • Empower workers at making them aware of sexual harassment 
  • Facilitate the recognition of symbolic violence at workplace 
  • Engage private sector, trade unions and public authorities 
  • Raise awareness to tackle prejudices and gender stereotypes 

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Set The Tone project is funded by the European Union’s Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme (2014-2020). GRANT AGREEMENT NUMBER – 101005480