SOCEC HOUSING (2023-2024)

Develop knowledge exchange and skills for the implementation of new social economy solutions to the social and environmental aspects of the housing energy crisis. 

Thanks to its transnational dimension, the objective of the project is to allow knowledge exchange and building of new capacities and skills to trainers and staff of unions and specific organisations, in order to promote in Hungary (HU) new solutions for sustainable housing and solutions to energy poverty. In addition, to allow the further implementation of such solutions, the project will draft the first models for locally adaptable sustainable housing energy, where social economy (SE) frameworks, examples and principles, as well as values will be at the centre.   

Diesis Network experts and members provide expertise and good practices to create the capacity to implement sustainable models locally. The final output of the project – the handbook – will summarise this process to make it replicable across countries and cases. 

Partners: SEC (HU), Diesis Network