Digital Story Doing for Local Tourism

Storydoers (2021-2023)

The project objective is to provide support for the digital storydoing of local tourism businesses to improve it the competitiveness of rural businesses that operate in tourism and related sectors and developing the capacities of rural businesses to design and promote sustainable local tourism experiences based on Storydoing. The project objective is to support the digital storydoing of local tourism businesses.

The project is designed to enable “Storydoers” to develop:

  • Storydoing skills
  • Digital competences
  • Social competences

The project will produce free educational resources to teach storydoing skills for:

  • Improving the competitiveness of rural businesses that operate in tourism and related sectors;
  • Developing the capacities of rural businesses to design and promote sustainable local tourism experiences based on Storydoing.

Partners are in Bulgaria, Austria, Italy, Spain, Belgium.

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