Enhancing prevention and protection mechanisms of Sexual Harassment at the Workplace through capacity building, coalition building and interagency collaboration (2023-2025)

The TEAMWORK 2 project aims to address sexual harassment at the workplace, which is a widespread and underreported form of gender-based violence across the EU. The project involves a diverse multi-national consortium of 13 partners from 6 EU member states. The project methodology is based on three pillars: capacity building for adequate addressing of sexual harassment at the workplace, awareness raising and provision of services to both employers and victims, and advocacy for systemic change combined with communication for reframing the issue in the wider society.

The target groups of the project are:

  • Chambers of Commerce/Business Associations and Trade Unions as multipliers;
  • Companies from 6 EU countries;
  • Victims of sexual harassment at the workplace and companies that seek support;
  • Public authorities such as national equality bodies and anti-discrimination agencies, ministries of labour and social policy, ministries of justice, etc.
  • EU level social partners, umbrella organizations for women’s rights, advisory bodies and MEPs;
  • Citizens from the 6 countries involved, especially in working age between 19 and 60, targeted by national awareness campaigns.

The project is expected to contribute to reinforcing the existing national policies for prevention and combating gender-based as well as the implementation of the European Framework Directive on Safety and Health at Work (Directive 89/391 EEC) in which health is seen as a broad concept that includes stress and well-being related to specific risks.

The partnership includes:

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Teamwork 2 is the follow up project of TEAMWORK – COMBAT SEXUAL HARASSMENT IN THE WORKPLACE (

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