VET Training for Food Sustainability (2022-2024)

Food sustainability is an important issue for the food sector, not only because it’s ethic, fair and appreciate by the customers, also because EU rules are going more and more strict in order to face this challenge. From this point of view, sustainable food businesses have a great economic value and a solid potential of growth. Building a stronger and more equitable food system requires the fresh thinking, talents, and a renewed spirit of entrepreneurship. However, in order to facilitate the creation of future sustainable food production and service entrepreneurs, the young must be made aware and trained about sustainability.

With these aims, the education system can develop programs of training in the sustainability field. Tourism and Food sector are strictly linked to the environment, and they are encouraged to make their methods healthier and more environmentally friendly: they need professional profiles that are able to guide them towards this transition.

Specific objectives:

  • Reduce the training gap within food VET schools with regard to food sustainability issues, by improving the competence and skills on food sustainability of teachers and students and their awareness of its importance in the fight against climate change.
  • Improve the quality and efficiency of mainstream vocational and educational training in order to meet the needs of tourism and food related sectors that requires staff capable of correctly taking on food sustainability related issues.
  • Impulse the embedding of food sustainability topics in food VET schools’ curricula, facilitating the implementation of a food sustainability module.
  • Make VET teachers aware of the importance of increasing student participation using learning methodologies based on experience. Improve their skills in the use of educational entertainment techniques, and their digital competences to stimulate both face-to-face training and training online.

Partners are in Spain, Belgium, Portugal and Italy.

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