Western Balkans Social Economy Alliance (2021-2023)

The WB SEA project aims to promote the social economy as a catalyst for the talents and potential of young people in the Western Balkans, thus strengthening the capacities of youth organizations in the region and incorporating the social economy into their strategic planning and positioning, working on the development of social economy programs and advocacy initiatives. 


  • Depict the social economy as a brain-gain catalyst in the Western Balkans, thus building the capacity of youth organisations in the WB region to embed social economy in their strategic planning and positioning and to develop social economy programmes and advocacy initiatives; 
  • Stimulate youth brain-gain in the WB region by supporting the creation of an enabling environment for youth employment through the promotion of self-employment and social entrepreneurship practices; 
  • Foster regional cooperation, capacity-building and an exchange of know-how and good practices between WB and EU countries with the aim of developing a regional approach towards the social economy as well as strengthening the existing social economy ecosystems; 
  • Support the economic and social development of the WB region by offering a strategic approach towards the social economy and the inclusion of youth as agents of change in the context of the regional aspirations for membership in the European Union. 

The first output is now available to download: 

Research on Youth Social Entrepreneurship in Western Balkans and Europe. 

WE-SEA project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union