Rural Women’s Empowerment through GREen Social ENtrepreneurship (2022-2024)

The European Green Deal sets Europe on the pathway to becoming the first climate-neutral continent by 2050. The EU’s first-ever Gender Equality Strategy is designed to make gender equality in the EU a reality. Building synergies between these two strategies, especially in the rural area, will be crucial to improving gender equality in energy, climate, and sustainability space in Europe and harnessing Europe’s talent to support a green and sustainable transition.

The Rural Women’s Empowerment through GREen Social ENtrepreneurship – WE GREEN project addresses the need for transforming the EU economy into a green one and developing new skills required for both green jobs and green entrepreneurship in the rural area, using digitalization and social economy models.

Specific objectives:

  • Build awareness in the rural areas about women and green entrepreneurship as vehicles for the empowerment of local communities.
  • Build the capacities of formal & non-formal educators on green social entrepreneurship for women in rural areas.
  • Design and implement local programmes for empowering women in rural communities through green social entrepreneurship.
  • Develop guidelines for stakeholders at local, national and European levels about building and enabling an environment for women’s entrepreneurship in the rural communities.

Download the infocard HERE.

Partners are in Romania, Belgium, Slovenia, Germany, Cyprus and Serbia.

WE GREEN FINAL CONFERENCE on 14/02/2024. Take a look at the Agenda