The CASYE (Cultural and Social Youth Entrepreneurship) project aims at supporting youth entrepreneurship in the creative sector through the development and piloting a social economy model, with an emphasis on empowering young people with fewer opportunities (social obstacles, geographical obstacles and/or economic obstacles).

As the first activity of the project, the partnership has conducted a research on the social economy landscape, the social and economic situation, the Creative and Cultural industry presence and on the identification of existing models for social entrepreneurs and enterprises in Spain, Italy, Belgium and the UK.

You can access the CASYE Background research HERE.

The CASYE project partners also produced a Collection of good practices of social enterprises in the Creative and Cultural Industry. A total of 15 case studies at the transnational European level on best entrepreneurial development stories, including transfer of knowledge, are available.

You can access the CASYE Collection of good practices HERE.

The CASYE mentorship model programme framework for youth organisations is designed for mentors and youth workers that work directly with young people with fewer opportunities and who wish to become entrepreneurs in the social and/or cultural sectors. It can also be used with already existing enterprises and/or social enterprises. This document is a programme framework that aims to help the mentors to roll out the CASYE mentoring programme.

You can access the CASYE Mentorship Programme Model Framework HERE.