The Digital Social Economy – Managing and Leveraging Platforms and Blockchain for a People-Centred Digital Transformation

Research published in the CIRIEC series of working papers as number 2019/14. 

Digitalisation has become one of the most powerful actors of our time. What can we do to ensure a people-centred Digital Transformation? This paper sheds light on why and how the #SocialEconomy can sustainably and inclusively manage and leverage digital technologies. The digital social economy innovations discussed in this paper aim to realise this vision in the four areas undergoing digital transformation.  The study finds a vivid variety of digital social economy enterprises and important potential for further applications of social economy principles in the digital realm. Yet the realization of this potential depends on whether these enterprises manage the critical challenge to achieve sustainable and user-centred growth. The study, therefore, concludes with a discussion of this challenge and some recommendations for policy, organization and entrepreneurship. 


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CIRIEC International (the International Centre of Research and Information on the Public, Social and Cooperative Economy) is an international, non-governmental scientific organization which brings together enterprises and entities of the social economy (cooperatives, mutual societies, foundations and cultural and philanthropic associations) and of the public sector, as well as people interested in these fields.