Employee Involvement In Facility Management Enterprises
The Employee Involvement in Facility Management Enterprises (EIforFM) project aims at exploring the possibilities to develop a European level business structure for companies established in 5 different countries and all engaged in the sector of Facility Management. In this operation, the development of procedures for information, consultation and participation of worker representatives of undertakings in the FM sector represent a crucial point. Keeping into due consideration the EU legislation in this field both at national level and at transnational level, the project wants to approach topics such as workers information and consultation, collective redundancies and transfer company. The possibilities to implement the EU legislative tools for the Europeanisation of the economic activities entails therefore a specific focus on enhanced worker involvement.
In this sense, EIforFM project aims to promote activities designed to explore and prepare the establishment of a European Society (SE) or a European Cooperative Society (SCE) in the service sector, and in particular with the involvement of companies active in the field of Facility Management (FM)
The present study is composed of three main parts. The first part focuses on the European legal framework related to the European Company and the European Cooperative Society as well as on the rights of information and consultation of the workers. The Second part of the study focuses on the situation in Countries involved in the project: Italy, Spain, Greece, Hungary and Bulgaria.
The third part focuses on the development training modules for the implementation of rights of information, consultation and participation of employees.

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