The RIDE project aimed to include migrant and refugee women in the digital labour market by giving them the possibility to re-skill or up-skill in the digital sector by specially designed courses and training, enabling them to start working.


This report summarizes the digital labour markets in six EU countries (The Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, Greece, Bulgaria). It primarily concentrates on the digital skill opportunities for migrants and refugees, with special attention to migrant and refugee women.


This booklet of guidelines is prepared by the Code To Change Netherlands, following an extensive study that took place around ‘Inclusion for digital empowerment for migrant women’ in six European countries (Germany, the Netherlands, Greece, Bulgaria, Italy, and the Czech Republic). The purpose of the study was to assess the digital sectors, skills, and employment opportunities in the digital workforce and the barriers for underrepresented groups such as migrants and refugees, and in particular migrant and refugee women, in accessing the existing opportunities.