Social economy enterprises and creative cultural industries

We have observed the role of social enterprises involved in the CCIs across Europe. We were looking for to understand how social economy enterprises can contribute to cultural and creative industries and how together they are able to foster spatial and sectorial clusters, such as one taking an ecological approach to cultural cooperation and territorial development. One of the main things that links all good practices analysed is the strong will to deal with issues of their territory through creative and cultural solutions which are able to boost community involvement.

The experiences of SEEs operating in CCIs collected represent tools for inclusion and social participation, vehicles of innovation and strategic factor s in the development of territories. As an area for research, policy and practice social economy enterprise involved in creative cultural industries may set to become increasingly important in future.

This project is composed of three parts: a review of the evidence, a workshop and an empirical component (case studies). From these parts have emerged certain key features, which are outlined below and linked with the case studies presented in this final report.

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