Supporting Youth Social Entrepreneurs in the Western Balkans and Europe

Supporting Youth Social Entrepreneurship in the Western Balkans and Europe has been published within the framework of the WB SEA (Western Balkans Social Economy Alliance) project, in June 2021. The study looks into the opportunities open to social economy and how economic activity can be carried out among the youth community and the youth voluntary and social enterprise sectors across the Western Balkan countries and the EU. The ultimate goal is to stimulate more young people to start and develop social businesses, and to make sure that they have access to appropriate help and support at each stage of their entrepreneurial path. The study also draws out the challenges, needs and trends identified in the Western Balkan region in the field of youth social entrepreneurship and lead to recommendations inspired by the country models in terms of the right tools, programmes and support to meet the needs of youth in the Western Balkan countries, so they can, eventually, contribute their utmost to the development and the success of their social businesses.

Diesis Network was responsible for the production of the publication, with the support of all the partners in the project: Partners Albania (Albania), CDP Globus (Bosnia and Herzegovina), COSV (Italy), Lens (Kosovo), ADP-Zid (Montenegro), Mladiinfo (North Macedonia) and Young Ambassadors (Serbia).