The KIT for start-up and management of social enterprises has been planned and developed in the framework of the Erasmus + Y-SEH project.

The goal of this KIT is to provide both trainers and trainees a step by step approach on how to develop social enterprises, starting with the understanding of basic concepts and institutional frameworks of setting up a social enterprise in Europe (specifically in Romania, Italy and Belgium), moving on to building and promoting the newly established enterprise. The KIT will offer trainees the required knowledge and instruments to take their idea to the next level and trainers will be able to introduce to potential trainees a step by step approach on how to develop a social enterprise,

The Romanian Center for European Policies was the responsible coordinator of the production of this deliverable, with the support of all the partners of the project: Diesis Network (Belgium), Consorzio Nazionale Meuccio Ruini (Italy) and Asociatia Centrul Pentru Legislatie Nonprofit (Romania).

Read the full document HERE.

There is also a version of this document focused on Belgium, please find it HERE.