This event wishes to raise awareness about the importance and the impact that social entrepreneurship can have at the local level and to provide some ideas on how it can be further developed at the heart of local communities.  

In the first part of the event, there will be an overview of examples of tools that can support the development of social entrepreneurship at the local level. These examples come from different European countries: this international perspective is meant to stimulate ideas and promote cross-contamination. These tools will be the crowdfunding platform developed by the SELC project, We Grow Ideas, the pre-incubation programmes offered by the Belgian association Declic en PerspectivES, the incubation programmes offered by Mosaic, and the funding platform Dua Partner Invest.  

The second part of the event will showcase how social entrepreneurship can make an impact on the communities at the local level, apart of the economic one. This impact can be of multiple natures: such as touristic and environmental, cultural and social. Organisations from all over Europe will share with us examples of social entrepreneurship ideas that have a positive impact on the ground: AITR (touristic and environmental impact), Young Ambassadors (cultural impact) and SZOWES (social impact). 

Download the Agenda HERE.