Gianluca Pastorelli

Executive President

Coordination, strategy, vision, expertise and experience

In charge of the overall coordination and strategy of Diesis Network makes available his experience and expertise both in creating new projects and partnerships and in implementing them. Over the years he has coordinated and carried out cross-border studies, research and activities to serve the needs and priorities of social economy enterprises and cooperatives, in partnership with the main co-operative and social economy organisations all over Europe and in the world. While deepening a sound experience in project writing and management he has thereby gained a broad insight into the fields of social innovation, social dialogue and industrial relations, training and entrepreneurship.

Gianluca earned a first degree in political sciences at Bologna University, followed by a master’s degree in advanced neurolinguistic programming. Since the mid-90s he has been working as a researcher and consultant for the co-operative and social economy movements at both national and European levels covering a wide range of activities: training, project design, tutoring of innovative start-ups, developer of networks, changemaker.

In 2008 he was among the cofounders of the European Alliance for Responsible Tourism and Hospitality (EARTH) the first European Network created by experts of responsible tourism. He’s Vice President of the European Section of ISTO – International Social and Sustainable Tourism Organisation. Also a European Activist he is Vice President of the Association Jean Monnet – European Association promoting and revitalizing the work and thought of Jean Monnet, one of the Founder Fathers of Europe.

His working languages are Italian, French, English and Spanish.