During the lasts months, Diesis Network coordinated the productions of the first activity of the CASYE project – CASYE Mentoring Model Programme for youth workers. The first outcomes of the project were the Research Analysis and the Collection of Good practices, already available on our website. While the latest output is the CASYE Mentoring Model Programme Framework!

Thanks to the background analysis and the study of the good practices, Diesis, with the support of the CASYE partners, mapped out the competencies needed in the creative and cultural sector to develop a social economy enterprise, and, from there, elaborated a creative mentoring programme to foster creativity, social entrepreneurship and soft skills for beneficiaries. ! This document is a programme framework that aims to help the mentors to roll out the CASYE mentoring programme.

The CASYE framework has been the result of a fruitful collaboration of the CASYE partners, led by Diesis Network. Nevertheless, the involvement of the stakeholders of the CASYE ecosystem, as well as some of the entrepreneurs from the collection of good practices, was crucial. Indeed, these stakeholders provided us with important feedback and suggestions on the content of this framework.

The framework identifies the most important items that need to be addressed and acknowledged when training/mentoring a young person in becoming a social entrepreneur in the field of CCIs. The items are the following:

  • Idea development
  • Hard skills
  • Soft skills
  • Practical information

Discover our framework by downloading it HERE!

Diesis Network also developed a visual representation of the CASYE Framework, please find it below:

About the CASYE project

The CASYE project wishes to promote social entrepreneurship in the cultural and creative field for young people. The first Intellectual Output (IO1) aims at creating the CASYE Mentorship model programme to train mentors and youth workers to provide young people and young entrepreneurs with the skills and tools they need to start an innovative social enterprise in the cultural and creative sector. The mentoring CPD accredited programme for youth organisations is designed for mentors and youth workers that work directly with young people with fewer opportunities and who wish to become entrepreneurs in the social and/or cultural sectors. It can also be used with already existing enterprises and/or social enterprises.