In a world where every purchase can make a difference, harnessing the power of public procurement for social good is not just a choice but a unique opportunity!

Public buyers are major investors and market signallers in Europe, with public procurement accounting for about 14% of the EU’s GDP. Imagine: could this be done more responsibly and socially?

WeBuySocialEU* is a European Commission initiative showcasing how the use of public procurement can help to achieve far-reaching social goals across the EU. Through a series of bespoke activities, WeBuySocialEU empowers both public buyers and social economy entities to maximise the impact of socially responsible public procurement.

With tailored training events and an EU-wide communications campaign, WeBuySocialEU encourages contracting authorities to integrate social considerations into their purchasing policies and practices. Simultaneously, it supports social economy actors in understanding and participating effectively in public procurement procedures. This effort also aims to foster collaboration and mutual understanding between the social economy and the public sector across the EU.

Don’t miss the training workshop on socially responsible public procurement that will take place on 23 May 2024 in Lithuania, where train will be delivered by field experts, including Lina Siksniute-VaitiekunieneViktorija Braziunaite and Arūnė Andrulionienė. 

Here is what you will learn:

For civil servants or procurers
– Design tendering procedures accessible to the social economy.
– Incorporate social considerations throughout the procurement process.
– Understand the social economy better.

For social economy entities (SEE):
– Compete for tenders with social considerations.
– Form consortia or become subcontractors.

You want to know more about this and other upcoming trainings? Find out more details, access the agenda and registration link here.

*Training and Awareness-raising Activities in Socially Responsible Public Procurement’ (EISMEA/2022/OP/0014)