During the whole last year, Diesis Network has led a consortium, composed also of Euclid Network, Euricse and Social Economy Europe, which supported the European Commission in the development of the transition pathway for the proximity and social economy ecosystem. The activities carried out by the consortium were aimed at analysing a public consultation launched by the Commission, implementing a series of workshops to consult the main stakeholders of the field, and carrying out desk research and analysis work. 

The transition pathway for the proximity and social economy ecosystem was published in November 2022, and outlines the main actions that should be carried at all levels (from local to EU), to maximise the contribution of the ecosystem to the twin transition and support the ecosystem to cope with the most challenging issues related to such transition.  

As part of the co-implementation process, the European Commission encourages, collects, promotes and supports public and private stakeholder commitments for concrete actions to move towards the green and digital transition of the ecosystem. Therefore, the European Commission addressed stakeholders through a call for pledges on ‘proximity and social economy’ published on 14 November.  

Diesis responded to this call for pledges, in particular proposing commitments in the following areas: 

  • Reinforcing B2B collaboration for greener and circular value chains 
  • Innovation as enabler for green transition and business development in the social economy 
  • Greening infrastructures and business operations 
  • Local Green Deals, green business, communities and citizens’ initiatives 
  • Addressing capacity and skills gap 
  • Public and private tech partnerships and support 
  • Supporting Digital Social Innovation & Tech for Good entrepreneurship 
  • Boosting digital skills by – and in the social economy 
  • CSEIs –Cluster for Social and Ecological Innovation to foster environmental regeneration and local development

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Diesis is fully committed to support the European Commission, as well as social economy stakeholders, to implement the Transition Pathway and to keep implementing its activities according to the objectives of the twin transition.