Buy Social Future of Social Economy (May 2023- Oct. 2024)

BUYSOCIAL develops a model of training and B2B events, with the aim of improving the competitiveness and commercial capacity of the social enterprises. It will foresee business agreements serving the interests of both for-profit and social enterprises seeking to cultivate new, valuable business relationships. Additionally, the project will offer targeted training opportunities designed to address the evolving challenges confronting the social enterprise sector.

It has a specific focus on sectors linked to the circular economy, including textile recycling, fashion, and eco-design.


  • Strengthening partnerships between social enterprises and mainstream business to improve the market for social enterprises’ products and services;
  • Foresee business agreements between for profit and SEs, to increase new valuable business relations;
  • Improving the competitiveness and commercial capacity of the social enterprises;
  • Increase the understanding of social economy organisations’ impact and make them more visible for B2B.

The project will develop activities in 4 different countries: Slovenia, Romania, Italy, and Poland.

The partners are: Gruppo Cooperativo Gino Mattarelli; Torino Social Impact; PRIZMA – Fundacija za izboljšanje zaposlitvenih možnosti; KNOF; ADV Romania and Stowarzyszenie Na Rzecz Spółdzielni Socjalnych.


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