Green PYMES Alliance – AL Invest Green Program

Strengthening the capacities of SMEs in Colombia and Honduras for their sustainable development as a business strategy to access new markets.

The Green PYMES Alliance project that will contribute to sustainable growth and job creation in Colombia and Honduras, through the green transition, and the promotion of the social economy.

Green Pymes Alliance led by the Bucaramanga Chamber of Commerce, represents the opportunity to contribute to the transition of more than 200 SMEs from the agri-food, sustainable tourism and waste management sectors of Colombia and Honduras, towards a comprehensive approach to environmental sustainability in business, as one of the determining factors in the growth and potential development of companies, regardless of their economic activity, size or sector.

With the advice of Diesis Network, the Social Economy business model, which aims at a fairer redistribution of resources, will be promoted, among other activities.

Diesis will transfer to Latin American partners and companies the knowledge related to the most recent European policies related to the green transition and, through peer reviews and networking, will support the development of Latin American companies from a green and social perspective by creating connections with European (social) enterprises and contributing to generate more green jobs and accelerate the green transition in Colombia and Honduras.

About AL-INVEST Green

AL-INVEST Verde is a European Union (EU) programme. Its global objective is to promote sustainable growth and job creation by supporting the transition towards a low-carbon, resource-efficient, and more circular economy in Latin America. Through Component 3, led by sequa, the programme manages sub-grants to implement innovative partnership projects of Latina American and EU organizations to support sustainable practices in the private sector throughout the region.

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Press release – Launch of the project (ESP version)