Youth Social Entrepreneurship HUB (2019-2020)

The Youth Social Entrepreneurship HUB was an Erasmus+ projects, that aimed to strengthen competences for social entrepreneurship of the youth workers and young people by developing learning materials and involving them in learning activities. 

The learning materials are innovative and propose to develop the knowledge and skills of young people to start-up and manage a social enterprise by involving them in the creation and management of a virtual social enterprise. 

The projects proposed to develop also the competences of youth workers to promote social entrepreneurship among young people. Because they work directly with young people, it is important to strengthen their competences in social entrepreneurship. Through all the learning materials developed in the project, the youth workers will be able to facilitate social entrepreneurship education among young people and, consequently, will improve the quality of their work. 

The main outcomes of the projects are:

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With the support of the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union