We have great news from our partner from Lebanon!

The Lebanese social enterprises association (LSE) shared with us the most significant progress made by the Lebanese Social Enterprises task force in the field of social and solidarity economy. Their task force is supported by the European Union under the SEE Change program (which is a program led by Oxfam and engaged in research with EDPU) and is made up of 26 dedicated people and organisations. Among these there are actors from the public and private sectors who collaborate on two fronts:
– develop a joint and fundable advocacy and action plan for the ESS ecosystem that is aligned with the Lebanon Response Plan and the UN Convention on ESS;
– study and proposal of the form of a future governing body of the ESS which will have the task of promoting and carrying forward the implementation of a legal and action plan in accordance with the political agenda for the ESS entities in Lebanon.

LSE hosted 4 grassroots roundtables for Lebanon’s social and solidarity economy (SSE) and, based on the contributions received, has now started its work. The Task Force is committed to designing an Ecosystem Action and Advocacy Plan (EAAP) by the end of November. The Task Force is also committed to ensuring that all entities that identify themselves as part of Lebanon’s ESS have the opportunity to contribute to the mission. The EAAP will outline a clear path forward, including specific strategies, objectives and initiatives that will be undertaken to address the issues that, as part of their community engagements, have been identified as the most pressing. LSE confirms that it will seek to deepen its mission and aim to progressively expand towards more sustainable and participatory entities within the ESS. Entities that serve the general interest, that enhance people and that have a strong and positive social impact beyond capital.

Who are they?
The Lebanese Social Enterprise Association (LSE) is a registered Lebanese Association and its mission is to support the affiliated social enterprises by contributing to their administrative and financial development and to increase their social and environmental impact by all possible means.