GREASE project aims at fostering green social entrepreneurship (SE) in rural areas, ensuring women empowerment and sustainable inclusion in the labour market and a fair and sustainable twin transition.


The General Objectives of the project are:

  • Improve the capacity of Cameroonian VET providers to provide innovative, blended learning opportunities for green, digital and social entrepreneurship skills.
  • Enhance the opportunities for female economic and social empowerment and promote gender inclusive entrepreneurial practices in rural areas.
  • Support transregional share of knowledge, good practices and blended learning methodologies for the twin transition between the EU, Western Balkans and Sub-Saharan Africa.
  • Support the cooperation between local organisations, local public bodies, (social) enterprises and European organisations in the EU, Western Balkans and Sub-Saharan Africa in designing and implementing VET opportunities for sustainable and inclusive job creation and inclusion in the labour market.

The project has Specific Objectives for educators/trainers:

  • Gain new and attractive skills and pedagogical knowledge on social green entrepreneurship as a tool for self-employment of women in rural areas and community impact.
  • Acquire modern digital skills and competences of digital and ICT tools for facilitation of trainings and other educational activities in social green entrepreneurship.
  • Be exposed to innovative blended learning methodologies and techniques and experience blended learning (theory, practice, usage of IT and digital tools), thus improve their training practices and methods.
  • Increase gender sensitivity, gender skills and gender planning and management, and awareness about social green entrepreneurship for women in rural areas;

And for rural women:

  • Raise awareness about green social entrepreneurship as a new sustainable model and tool for self-employment and empowerment in rural areas.
  • Acquire new skills and knowledge of green social entrepreneurship and female empowerment gender , and experience blended learning and usage of digital tools for collaboration and communication.
  • Be more socio-economically empowered and visible in the rural communities as a result of the training and awareness-raising activities of the consortium.
  • Increase understanding of the concept of gender and women’s rights through social green entrepreneurship and learn how to introduce gender issues in rural communities.

Project partners are ARNO (North Macedonia), AFROLEADERSHIP and FORESSCAM (Cameroon) and Diesis Network (Belgium).

Check the project infocard here.