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ADV Romania is a non-governmental organization and a work integration social enterprise, established in February 2002, whose mission is to integrate people with disabilities and other vulnerable groups. The foundation is also one of the few grassroots organizations involved in advocacy to create a framework favouring the social economy in Romania, the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine.

Find more information about ADV Romania here: https://www.diesis.coop/ecosystem/adv-romania/ 


Lithuanian Social Business Association (LiSBA) is a national umbrella organization uniting social enterprise organizations. It was established in 2018 to create an environment favourable for social business, increase the awareness of social business and promote the implementation of international best practices. This is achieved through advocacy, capacity building and ecosystem development activities.

Find more information about LiSBA here: https://www.diesis.coop/ecosystem/lithuanian-social-business-association/


The West Pomeranian Network of Social Economy Support Centres (SZOWES) is a network partnership of social economy entities concluded in 2015 to combine know-how and resources to provide uniform, standardized and comprehensive development services throughout the region. SZOWES is actively involved in the direction of cross-sectoral dialogue and programming of systemic solutions supporting the functioning of the social economy sector.

Find more information about LiSBA here: https://www.diesis.coop/ecosystem/the-west-pomeranian-network-of-social-economy-support-centres/